Besides loving what we do, we are thrilled to hear from happy customers who have experienced first-hand why HatchMasters has earned its trusted reputation in the industry. Here are a choice few

T 33 Forward Hatch Repair
“For all those interested in repair/replacement of the Lewmar hatches. I have just had the cover of the forward hatch of my T 33 rebuilt by Select Plastics, LLC in East Norwalk CT. They did a remarkable job replacing the cracked and crazed acrylic welding a small crack in the frame and installing a new gasket. The cover looks as good as new and their service was quick (2 week turnaround) and courteous. The cost of the repair is not inexpensive but is cheaper and a lot less work than buying and installing a new hatch.” Paul
Cal sailboat Hatch Repair
“Several months ago the 25 year-old hatch on my Cal sailboat developed a leak through the sealant between the aluminum frame and the acrylic. After an unsuccessful attempt to patchthe sealant, I questioned all of my acquaintances and contacted various facilities, including Fisheries Supply and Doc Freeman. The best that I could do was find where I could have a new piece of acrylic cut, but there was little agreement as to what material should best be used as the sealant. Without knowing the name of the make of the hatch, I telephoned the service department of several hatch manufacturers and hit the jackpot with Lewmar. Although they told me that it could not be their product, as they did not make hatches in 1977, they did supply the name of a hatch repair shop. I telephoned Tony at (203) 866-3767 then tapped out the hinge pins and shipped the hatch to him at: Select Plastics, LLC, 219 Liberty Square, East Norwalk, CT 06855, info@selectplastics.com The hatch was returned as promised, looks as good as new and leaks no more! Several friends have asked me how I solved the problem and it occurred to me that your readers just might be interested in learning where a hatch can be restored.” Frank Bellingham, WA