Identifying A Lewmar Hatch

What’s the Difference Between Lewmar Hatches?

Lewmar produced Low profile and Medium profile hatches

These two variants look alike but have differing hatch frame thicknesses.

  • Low profile hatch lids are 22mm thick
  • Medium profile hatch lids are 27mm thick

Distinguishing between Mk 1 and Mk 2 hatches

In the last half of 2000, Lewmar changes the manufacturing specs on both their Low and Medium profile hatches If you are sure that your hatch was constructed before or after this time then you should know which of these hatches you have.

You can always check to make sure.

Look at the Roll pins.  A Mk 1 hatches will have a visible roll pin on the underside of the lid near the hinge

Mk 2 hatches do not.

Lens code.  Look for the lens code located under the seal. It is embossed on the underside of the lid next to the handle. You do have to pull back the seal to expose the lens code. Call us if you have toruble locating the lense code.