Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just order parts?
Yes! Many parts for Lewmar, Goiot and Manship hatches are available from our USA-based online store, or you may phone us to place an order. For orders originating outside the USA please phone us at 1-203-866-3767.

I’m not exactly sure which part I need. What do I do?
If you are not sure which hatch or port light model you have or the exact replacement part you need please contact us. Calling us first will save you time and money.

I ordered the wrong part, what do I do?
Call us and we will work with you to obtain the correct part.

Can I order the hatch lens online?
Hatch lenses are a custom fabrication item and part of our hatch repair service business. If your hatch lens is cracked or crazed please contact us about repair services.

Hatch and Portlight Repair Services

I need hatch parts replaced but don’t want to do it myself. Can HatchMasters help?
Yes! If you are located within the continental US we can repair your hatch for you. For other locations please contact us to discuss.

Which hatch brands can you repair in your Norwalk, CT facility?
HatchMasters can repair many hatch brands including;

  • Atkins & Hoyle
  • Bomar
  • Solimar
  • Rondal
  • Swan Custom
  • Hood
  • Nibo
  • Gebo
  • Moonlight
  • Goiot
  • Vetus
  • ManShip
  • Lewmar Marine Ltd.

Can you repair port lights and hatches made of glass?
HatchMasters has now added the capability to refurbish all makes and sizes of glass portlights. Please contact us for more information.  We do not, however, repair any glass hatches.

How long does it take to get a hatch repaired?
Once we receive your hatch we will inspect it and give you a quote. After your approval to proceed it typically takes 3-4 weeks to repair a hatch. Lead time varies based on season, so get your hatches in early.This generally includes any parts that may have to be ordered from the manufacturer.

I have removed my hatch, now what?
Be sure the hatch hole in your boat is covered and secure. As hatch repairs take some time you need to be prepared to protect your vessel from bad weather and water/snow/animal ingress. Ship, or hand deliver, the hatch to us in Norwalk CT (continental US only).

How do I ship my hatch to you?
We recommend shipping via UPS or Fed Ex. It’s a good idea to call us first. If you are within driving distance of our facility you may deliver your hatch to us in person.

Do you offer on-site removal and installation services?
If you need help to remove and install your hatch please work with your local marina/service yard. You can always call our team for DIY advice.

General Questions

Why should I repair my hatch?… I don’t mind the inconvenience of broken parts or an unattractive lens
Hatches are an important part of your vessel’s structure and provide a layer of protection from minor and major water ingress. Broken hinges, handles, and crazed or cracked lenses are a both a maintenance and safety issue.

What about international orders?
If you are located outside the continental US pleas contact us at 1-203-866-3767 for more information.

Where is HatchMasters located?
HatchMasters World Headquarters is located in Norwalk, CT USA.

219 Liberty Square
East Norwalk, CT 06855

Phone: 1-203-866-3767
Email: [email protected]

Why should I purchase from HatchMasters?
HatchMasters is nationally and globally renowned for expert hatch repair. We have been serving the marine industry and making boating safer since 1995. We exhibit at industry trade shows and are members of both national and international industry associations. We are proud of our reputation as hatch experts and look forward to working with you on your next hatch project.

Is the HatchMasters.com website secure?
Absolutely! HatchMasters takes your online security seriously and uses best practice online encryption protocols.